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Uploading Forms

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If you have a form(s) that you would like to submit for your doctor to complete, please fill out the required fields below and upload your form(s).


If you have a photo(s) that you want to submit to our office, please use our patient portal for that function.


School, Camp & Sports Form Policies

If you are submitting a school, camp or sports form for your physician to complete, please complete and upload our School/Camp/Sports Permission Form, in addition to the form you need completed, to assist your doctor in completing your form.


We are happy to complete any forms needed for school, camp or other activities.  Due to the high volume of forms we receive, please allow us 5 -7 business days to return the form to you.  There is a $15 charge for all forms that need to be completed by a physician.  If there is a need for the form sooner, there is an additional $10 “rush” surcharge to guarantee a one business day turnaround.  For payment, you can either mail us a check, call the office with a credit card number to charge, or we will send you a bill.


Please read all forms before submitting them to us to be sure your child has had an exam within the required time.  We cannot falsify dates.  Also, please complete all portions of the parent’s section of the form before submitting it to your physician, especially any medication your child is receiving from another provider.


Please make sure to include instructions as to where to send the forms once completed. We cannot e-mail the form back, so please let us know whether you would like to upload it to the patient portal for you to download, pick-it up in-office or for us to mail it or fax it, and if so, to where.


If you have an upcoming check-up, it is best to bring the form with you to that check-up so the doctor can complete the form at that time and it also saves you the $15 fee.



This tool to upload documents is not monitored by a Medical Professional. Please do not submit any requests that will require medical advice or triage.


The tool below might not be "mobile friendly" on some phones/tablets.  If not, please use a desktop computer.


For optimal use, please use either a Chrome or Firefox browser.  (not Safari or Internet Explorer)







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After you hit the upload button and see it says "Uploaded", the form has been submit and you are done.